Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Painted Cake Stand & Mixing Rub n Buff

I'm sure it's against the rules of collecting to paint certain things like silver, brass, or even fine wood.  The way I look at it, however, is if I only paid a few $'s at a yard sale, and I don't like the item as it is - then Let's Paint!  I doubt The Antiques Road Show is ever going to stop by my house - or  my blog for that matter - and tell me my $300,000 table is now worth only $60 because I painted it.  You neither?   Good, because here's the deal:

I had a brass cake stand that was quite pretty, but I didn't like it because the color was weird.  It looked like it should have been silver, but when you cleaned it up - it was more gold.  It just looked cheapy.  Plus, someone recently called to see if I had a white cake stand they could borrow - and, well, I didn't - but decided it might be very nice if I did.  So, what the heck - I painted the brass one, and it is so much more to my liking.

I probably should have used spray paint, but I'm testing the paint+primer from Ace Hardware on different items and thought this would be a great opportunity to try it on metal.  To read more about my thoughts on this paint, go here.

 I brush painted the cake stand with two coats of Navaho White

Rubbed the cake stand down with sealing wax

Then mixed together two colors of Rub-n-Buff to create a cooler shade of brown, and low-lighted the raised areas

I was trying to coordinate the cake stand with these plates.

The leopard print on top of the cake stand is a plastic circle I cut from a placemat from the $ store.  It is perfect to store muffins and cookies on, and makes easy clean-up of the cake stand.

I don't think I miss the brass at all.  

What have you painted that would make "the experts" gasp?
   I'd love to hear about your rebellious side.

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  1. I love it Ellie - I will be now be looking out at garages for brassy looking cake stands to paint white. Not that I need anymore cake stands at the moment! I made up a tiered stand with plates similar to yours - not quite as elaborate but had the same finish on the embossed pattern. It sold so I'm going to make another for my next market. I have thought about painting our old, battered piano (gasp!) - the veneer is flaking away. I've pinned a pic of a piano painted white but haven't dared to take a brush to it yet... too little time at the moment for big projects. Who knows one day I might throw caution to the wind!

    1. Thanks, Ann. I wish I could come paint your piano with you. I've been wanting to do that. They are so pretty.

  2. Oh, I paint anything that stands still long enough. The stand looks truly elegant now! ~ Maureen

    1. What's the craziest thing you've painted, Maureen?

  3. I love paint--anywhere and everywhere. Nice project :)

    1. Oh my gosh, Sandy, my newest project is Duck Egg Blue.......you'd be so proud of me.


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