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I'm a woman who loves life in a big way.  My background is Accounting and Finance, but I left that world behind to homeschool my children, which I did for 11 yearsMy heart is passionate about missions, and I long to make a difference with human beings who are trafficked - regardless of how large or small that difference might be.  

I'm married to the real life Edward Ferrars from "Sense and Sensibility". A lovely, trustworthy, honorable man who holds and protects my heart. I can't help but adore him. 

I'm also blessed with 4 (ok, three I gave birth to and one I adopted when he married my daughter) amazing, funny, talented, deep-down good kids who I am crazy in love with. 

My heroes are my mother and grandmothers. They were poor, but very creative women who loved their families and never limited themselves by what money could not buy. Their creativity runs deep within my veins and it is impossible for me NOT to try to make something beautiful from what's available.  

PS - I became a Grammie this year and I can't think of anything better! 


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