Friday, August 17, 2012

Federalist Style ChalkBoard

Chalkboards are everywhere, and why not?  They add a little touch of, "Yeah, we really live in this home".  It doesn't matter if you're young or old - it is fun to draw on a chalkboard.  When I was first homeschooling my kids I read a tip about letting children learn to make their letters by drawing in cornmeal or on something they could erase easily.  Kids can be insecure when they first start writing because their letters are so sloppy.  If what they are drawing in or on can be erased easily, they will likely practice longer before getting frustrated.  Maybe that's why we all like chalkboards so much.

There is really nothing unique about my approach to making a chalk board over anyone else on Pinterest.  I just thought I would share mine.

I found this frame (with a mirror in it) at our local thrift store.  My plan was to paint it creamy white and french blue, but it seemed to be waving its hand every time I shopped my house looking for something to turn into a chalkboard for our dining room.  Fine!  It is probably just as well because with the mirror and the backing in it, this frame is Heavy!

It is pretty old, too, which is quite nice because the backing is so much more substantial than the cardboard backing on a newer frame.  I just decided to paint the backing to make the chalkboard.  For this chalkboard I used a spray chalkboard spray paint that I've had around for years.  They probably don't make it anymore, and I wasn't even sure it would work, but it was great.

Using a Silhouette machine I cut the word "Menu" from some card stock.  I then sprayed the entire back of the card stock with stencil adhesive and laid it on the chalkboard.  Next, I removed the letters from the word, Menu, leaving everything else to be a stencil.  If I do this again, I think I will use vinyl.  Everything went according to plan until the paint soaked into the tiny pieces of paper, like the inside of the "e", and they came up on my roller.

For the paint: 

I know the "in" paint right now in Blogland is chalk paint, but I have to tell you - I am loving Ace Hardware's new Clark+Kensington paint.  I've been lucky enough to get a few free quarts, and this is wonderful, luxurious paint.  I'm not exaggerating!  I've been painting everything in sight and it has the most beautiful finish in the flat.  For this project I used a color called Light Navaho White - and it is a beauty of a color.

Lavender Tub Tip:  When you use a roller to stencil, load the roller with paint but then roll most of it off until you have a fairly dry roller.  This ensures a nice stenciled design without paint oozing under the paper.

I think it turned out just about right for a dining room, and with all the projects I've been working on lately - the menu is pretty much right on!

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  1. I have been wanting to make one of these. I love old mirrors to use as frames. Your is beautiful?

  2. This is just what I have been looking for! Love the idea! wonder if I can paint my boys beds without primer? sounds fun! thanks ;)


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