Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Confession of the Sole

So, today I have a confession I'm not sure I can even bring myself to share.  Even my best friends do not know this about me!  I sincerely fear once they do know - they will question whether or not they wish to remain my friends.  

OK, so here goes:

(I'm hiding my face as I write)

I wear lavender socks!

I know you are thinking - "Yeah, so?"........

.......but here is the thing.......

I wear them everyday!!!

If I am wearing a red/black top, jeans and black boots - I am wearing lavender socks.

If I have on my brown pencil skirt with high heeled suede boots - Yep!  Lavender socks.

Sweats and workout shoes.......Mmm Hmm.......lavender socks.

Isn't that a little weird?  
What on earth would possess me to do that?

Well, here is the thing:  It has nothing to do with The Lavender Tub, but everything to do with comfort.

You see, I have this thing about tags in my clothes, sleeping on wrinkles when I'm in bed, and socks whose seams hurt my feet.  I seem to be really sensitive to these nuisances.  In my defense, I have a sister who suffers greatly with fibromyalgia and can barely tolerate anything that puts pressure on her skin.  Our mother must have had issues with this too, for she cut the tags from all of our clothes.

Anyhow, at least 8 years ago we made a trip to South Carolina to visit family.  On one of our shopping excursions I found a pile of socks without seams on a clearance bin.  Now mind you, they were expensive socks and I was absolutely delighted to find them at such a great price.  Problem:  the only color left was lavender.

Because I am a woman who loves beauty, but values comfort even more - I purchased 8 pair of the silky cotton, seamless, lavender socks to wear when doing activities that are tough on my feet - like working out.  What has occurred over time, however, is that when I go to my drawer full of different colors and styles of socks - if I know that no one will be seeing my socks - I grab the lavender ones every time.

Which brings me to

Desire #2 of The Lavender Tub:  to be a blog about beauty, but not at the expense of comfort and daily living.  I see so many pictures in decorating medias where, for example, a sofa or bed is filled with gorgeous pillows.  It makes a lovely picture, but in real life it creates an environment where others do not feel comfortable for fear of "messing up" the pretty still life that has been created.  While I hope to share pretty scenes and decorating ideas in this blog - I also want to strive to make sure they work in a live family.

I realize this was probably more than you really wanted to know about me.  I have no doubt I will not be able to get away with wearing lavender socks as much as I did now that my secret is out.  (My poor friends - they still have to claim me!)

Thanks for stopping by.  Just kick your shoes off at the door and come on in, unless........perhaps you have a quirky secret too!



  1. Just think of yourself and Donny Osmond. He got away with wearing purple socks all the time. Maybe he just found a style he liked and only purple was left. ~ Maureen

  2. Oh be still my beating heart! I would love to think of me and Donny Osmond!!! He was my heart throb when I was a young teen and I knew I would one day grow up and marry him. I still have his songs on my Ipod. Thanks, Maureen. I will never stop wearing these lavender socks now :)


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