Monday, October 8, 2012

Dining Room - Recovered Chairs

Would you like a sneak peak of some of the changes 
we've been making to the Dining Room?  

There are a few more projects to complete before I can do a full room reveal, but it's so exciting to have some things finished to the point that I can now start to share with you.

Honestly, does anyone like the white cushions that 
come on most traditional dining chairs?  

I've cleaned these things for years and, frankly, they leave the impression we must live in a barn.  This is a traditional, classic home, but I don't see why we can't shake things up a little with some color and pattern to create a look that is more interesting than all those gray, stained white cushions.

Look at these things.......
drab and Yucky!

So, I chose 4 different fabrics

That coordinate, but are not matchy-matchy

And covered 2 chairs in each of the four fabrics

To make the Dining Room a little more relaxed 
and fun, yet still traditional.

Here is a close-up of the gold damask.  It is hard to capture
its true color and texture in a photograph.  It's about 
the same gold as the floral fabric above.

I must admit my hand is killing me from all the stapling, 
but they look "Oh, so much better".

I can't wait to share the next peak - 
since I've been working on it forever!
Thanks for stopping by, sweet friends,


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