Monday, February 25, 2013

Handstitched Tablecloth

I have a friend who is my other half, especially when we go yard saleing.  I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we have - it truly is the highlight of my week.  One of the things that makes it so fun is that we are alike in some of our tastes, but also quite different.  We've been together long enough that I know exactly the things she will go for - whether she needs them or not - and she knows the same about me.

This is us at Kohls pretending......
Oh, no amount of explaining would help you understand.......

Without hesitation, she would tell you that I snatch up crocheted doilies and other handmade items without fail.  It's true.  I don't need them at all, but I almost cannot help myself.  You see, I've been a stitcher, seamstress, crafter my entire life, and when I see a handmade item that I know took some person hours to create - I just appreciate it so much I have to buy it.  It really isn't that I NEED to OWN it - I truly just want to appreciate its beauty.  Most of the time they are priced at .10 or .25 cents, and that hurts my heart.  I know - so silly!!!

This tablecloth is nothing but an old, rust-stained thing until you get to looking at it carefully.  I think I paid $1 for it, but just look at it up close.  It is quite old, and can you see how it was pieced?!  The entire cloth is hand stitched.  Isn't that beautiful?  Someone worked on this for a long time. 

"Dear sweet kindred spirit from another time, please know that your work is admired and appreciated.  I will never know you, but it is an honor to display your work in my home!"

What are you sappy for?  For me it is the handmade items.  My friend so enjoys little miniature things.  Ahhh, the treasures of yard sales goddesses.

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  1. Gosh we do love the same things Ellie. I would love to go to yard sales with you but we would be going for the same stuff and it is hard enough beating the secondhand dealers! I am usually chasing china, vintage linen, glassware etc, especially now I have a vintage hire business (launched my website today!) I love the fact that most of what I hire is not new and that it once graced china cabinets and tea tables in the region where I run the business and will be used again to recreate that style of days gone by.

  2. Your posting moved me. Always nice.

  3. I feel so much better now, thought I was only one that bought things like that. I always buy the hand done stitched cloths. I have so many doilies, table runners even if they have some "booboo's". Can use them somehow. I take some apart to use on cushion covers.
    I hate to see something trashed just for some little problem. I've done hand work so know how much time and work it takes even if done with love.
    I can't yard sale or thrift shop with somebody else, if they want what I want I'm not sure how I'd feel. We were at Goodwill yesterday looking at silver plate items and another older woman deliberately kept me from picking up something on a shelf and walked off with it. She hadn't even been looking at those kind of things til I mentioned to hubs to look on back for a silver plate or maker, then she picked up the item I as looking at and scrammed with it, old biddy. lol
    I know shame on me. I didn't get it cause I'm a bad person. From now on I'm going to put something in my cart I'm interested in til I decide if I'll buy it. If not then I'll put it back. Not taking any chances with precious items. It's a dog eat dog world out there. I'm worried about how I'll behave once yard sale season starts.


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