Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Display Pedestal Made From Old Lamp Base

One of my favorite places to get beautiful decorative elements for new projects - is from old lamps.  They are so available and overlooked, especially if they are broken in any way.

This lamp is not the newest fashion, but look at its pretty base and other individual components.  Are they not gorgeous?  I can't wait to use them.

This glass sphere in my garden was once a hanging lamp.  I found it at a yard sale for $1.

Lamps like this mantel lamp are not necessarily out of style, but they are inexpensive to start with.  I think when people can afford to upgrade to something nicer - they do - and so many end up in the thrift pile.  Yay for me, for if you take them apart and get rid of the metal tubing, you're left with a lovely little base.  Glue a glass plate to that -

- and get a darling little pedestal like this!

And if you need a cloche to go with it, 
click here for a few ideas on how to make one.

Not bad for something you can often pick up 
for a dollar or two.

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