Thursday, September 11, 2014

Victorian Sofa Updated With Annie Sloan

You know those times when you think it would be fun to have your hubby tag along while you're Junkin' so you can spend some time together.......then you realize what a bad idea that is because you want to buy something, but he hates it......?

Like this amazing, cool, just what you've been looking for sofa!

Only he thinks it costs too much (because any amount would be too much), and he hates Victorian because it doesn't fit our house (but he hates Victorian anyway), and it smells bad, and it is gold from the 70's with stains, and we have no place to put it anyway.  

Why did I think this would be fun?

But then he says, "Well, would you buy it if I wasn't here?" 
Did he really open that door?!!!

Want to see what I did with it.......?

I know some may think I'm crazy for painting it, but that is really why I bought it.  I am in no place to refinish something like this right now, but I did want to paint a piece of upholstered furniture with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - just to see how it turned out.

I read from several others who had tried it and were happy with the results.  I guess I just had to know for myself.

So, here are my thoughts:

1.  The coverage was fairly good, and I was painting with a 
     50% water/50% paint mixture.  I painted 2 coats for 
     better coverage.  It covered the stains nicely, too.

2.  The paint went pretty far.  I think I used 1.5 cans for the 
      entire sofa.

3.  The fabric ended up stiffer than I hoped.  I did put a nice 
     coat of clear wax on, and it now feels about like a leather 
     sofa.  It is not as comfortable as it was when it was 
     fabric, but it sure looks and smells better.  This is not our 
     TV watching sofa, but is in my little shop - so it is fine.
     The pattern sure looks pretty.

4.  I read to spray the sofa with a mist of water before 
     you paint.....well, I did on part of it, but then forgot.  I 
     couldn't really tell much difference.

5.  It did take a little longer than I expected, but I think all 
     projects do.

Overall I'm very pleased, and think it turned out quite pretty.  It is not entirely the result I was hoping for softness wise, but it could not stay as it was.  

So, what do you think?  
Could you let yourself paint a chair or sofa?

I certainly would again!  I just may have to leave Edward behind.  I doubt I can drag another such beauty home with him in tow.


I LOVE your ideas and comments. Thanks for taking the time :)