Monday, May 7, 2012

Filled Earring Frame

This is a project I shared with you last year.  
To see the instructions, go here.  
I thought you might enjoy seeing the earring frame 
completely filled.

It works really well, and all the earrings 
help hold the fabric nicely in the frame.

Oh, yeah.  Earrings are my favorite!
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  1. Your frame is lovely Ellie. I have pinned a few of the repurposed earring displays from frames but your one is extra nice. I used to wear these kind of earrings when I was younger (as one did in the 1980's!) but alas I had very soft cartilage and the weight of the earrings stretched the holes in my ears so it's back to studs now or lightweight dangly earrings for very short periods. Sigh .. because these sort of earrings were my favorite too.

  2. Hello! Tasha sent me your way!


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