Saturday, May 5, 2012

Frenchy Clock Update

Yesterday I shared a basket for holding keys that I made by cutting apart a wire trash can from the Dollar Tree.  Today I thought I would share a clock that I updated using the top portion of that same wire trash can.

To see the instructions for this wire basket, go here.

Taking the top portion that I had removed, I cut off about another 1 1/2 inches to form a wire ribbon.  See the bow I fashioned from it above.  Next, I laid the remaining metal ring on a table with the cut wire facing up.  I began stretching and pressing the wire flat until it formed a nice wreath shape. 

This is a picture of the clock before I added the wire trim.

Using hot glue, I simply attached the wreath to the back of the clock.  This is how the clock looks after adding the trim. Just a fun little update using some wire that would have otherwise been trash.  I think it gives the clock a little extra French-appeal.

I have another idea of what to do with the wreath, but I'm not able to finish it yet - perhaps soon.

Uh-oh, would you look at the time (pun intended)?  My grandbaby is now 4 days overdue!!!  I guess I better run.  Where is she?

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  1. That clock looks fantastic! Poor Mama of that overdue Grandchild. My kids were all early!

  2. Are you serious?! Did we really come from the same family, because I have none of this in me! You got all the creativity! Even when we were those poor little kids, my big sis could always make something beautiful out of absolutely nothing, and you are still going strong. You're AWESOME!

  3. Great idea and just what the clock needed to give it some Wow!

    Hope the baby arrives the Mom does too.


  4. come on grandbaby!! This auntie can't wait either


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