Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Permanent Marker on Ceramics

I've seen several examples around Blogland of using dry erase markers to write on glass or ceramics.  While I like this application for marking on a glass memo board - since a person would want to easily erase what they've written - I don't like it for labeling a canister or decorating a plate.  When I've tried decorating a plate, let's say for a birthday celebration, I find that the dry erase marker wipes off on my hand before I can get it fully decorated.  Plus, the colors are pretty limited.

I decided to experiment with permanent markers to see if I could get better results, and I did!  With permanent markers I can draw away, and nothing rubs off while I'm creating.  The markers also come in sets that include several different colors.  Now, how fun is that?

I'm sure you're wondering though,
"How do you get the marker off?"  

After trying several cleaners and formulas, I found that rubbing alcohol takes the marker right off.  It might take 1-2 clean cotton balls with alcohol on to get all the smears off, but it works very quickly and easily.

Before you ruin a family heirloom, however, I would try a test on the bottom of your piece.  Also keep in mind that if your ceramic has a scratch or crazing, the marker may soak down into the tiny crevice and not wipe off.

I've had very good luck with this, though, and have used it to label plates at parties, write on vases, decorate Christmas ornaments, etc. etc.

Perhaps everyone already knows this and I'm just the last to join the party.  Oh well, I thought it still might be a fun tip for someone.

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