Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sentimental Valentines

I'm an absolute pushover for anything sentimental.  My sister #2 calls it being a hoarder, but for me - these are my treasures.

 A silk flower wreath with real roses tucked in.  Roses from a friend that I dried and kept.

A garden angel given to me by my longest, dear, precious friend.  Her wing broke off long ago, but I repaired her and sprayed her with a texture paint that is all but gone.  I love how she looks.  She also reminds me of my adorable, little niece, Willow, whose head is covered with bouncy, blond curls.

An angel from my white, ceramic nativity set made by sister #3, and a ceramic box of chocolates that arrived with flowers from my husband quite a few years ago.

My apothecary jar is filled with sentimental treasures:  Cinnamon hearts made by my mom, a glittery dove from sister #2, an empty box of chocolates from my children........... 
so precious.

Happy Valentines Day


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