Friday, August 19, 2011

Beautiful Arches

One of the things I love about my old home is its beautiful arches.  I thought you might enjoy seeing what someone long ago designed to make their home very special.  I'm so glad they did. 

The arch to the Garden Room

With the doors closed

The Arch to the Living Room

Looking back to the Front Door

Arch to the Upstairs

Niche in Upstairs Hallway

Closet Doors 

Broom Closet

Sssshhh!  I store fabric in it

Arched window above French Doors

Have you ever seen such a Pretty Potty?

Hope you had as much fun viewing my little scrapbook as I had sharing it.
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  1. Ellie, All of the arches are wonderful and I especially love the closets. You don't find these beautiful details in newer homes. Thanks for joining my party.

  2. Just stunning!! There is no match for the charm of older homes -- such unusual details! Love all of the arches and that little broom closet is ADORABLE! LOVE the Lavender bathroom too!

  3. Even the broom closet has arched doors!! that's attention to detail. All is great.

  4. What a beautiful home, Ellie! The doors are my favorite - wow! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Love all the arches, great architecture.

  6. Love the arches, but adore the closed doors! You just don't see craftsmanship in newer homes like this anymore. Guess its not cost effective, or some mumbo-jumbo like that!
    You have a beautiful home!


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