Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Mother's Prayer and The First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school for my boys, ever!  I don't mean they have not had school at all, but it was the first time they ever attended a school.  For 10 years we have been schooling them at home.

To make this change was a heartbreaking decision, especially for me.  I have loved homeschooling my boys and wouldn't trade these years for anything.  However, the time is right for them to broaden their horizons and see what adventures they can find in the world, or at least someone else's classroom.

It has taken me months to accept this and be OK with them going.  I thought I was doing really well.  Last week when we rushed out the door to go to the school for orientation, I had absolutely no thought of being emotional at all.

Then there were gorgeous, bombshell girls everywhere, and boys that looked more like men.

And when I asked the history teachers what their classes were like, I heard,

"We teach from a textbook and have tests at the end of each chapter, with a few projects throughout the year."

Please understand; history has been our favorite!  I can't tell you how many cold mornings we were curled up on the sofa reading great books about history or stories set in historical times.  Books like Johnny Tremain, The Lewis & Clark Expedition, The Jungle, and so many other good books that made history come alive for my children and me.

  How can history still be good without them?

It was all I could do to blink back the tears.

Then we went to the locker room....... and I realized my kids know nothing about having a locker.

We don't use those in homeschooling!

I was melting.  

It wasn't kindergarten, but I was sending my kids off to school for the first time, and I was no longer sure I could let them go.

But I did..............and they came home from school full of smiles and stories.  They worked very diligently on their homework last night, and this morning were eager to go again.  My youngest even said his history teacher was his favorite teacher, so far!  Wouldn't ya know?

So as I sit here writing a blog, something I have longed to do for quite awhile, a smile is starting to rest on my face, too. No curriculum to study.  No assignments to give.  No grading. No harping encouraging the kids to get their work done.  It's just me, the dogs, and some passions that have been set aside for a very long time.  Perhaps I can do this after all.

Having been their teacher for all these years is something I will always treasure.  It has been a joy to share this experience with them.  But being just mom has its merits, too.

The prayer above is my favorite Mother's Prayer, which I've made into a printable.  If you would like a copy, just click on the picture and you should be able to print an 8"x10" to frame.  I hope it touches you as much as it has me over the years.

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  1. I home schooled my children for a while then when my oldest was ready for High School we decided to let him go to public school. He was blessed with a very outgoing personality and we felt it would be best if he could enjoy the interaction with many more students his own age. It worked out well for us. I wish you the best as this can be a happy and sad time.


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