Thursday, October 13, 2011

Antique White Frame

   I built these gold frames a long time ago out of some frame molding. They are a nice size for framing a small plate.  
I have changed them out several times.  
I'm tired of the gold, though, and need something
 in an antique white.

This is the space that frames the window around my kitchen sink.  First, I painted the frames Krylon's Oil Rubbed Bronze
 - one of my favorite colors.  
I don't think it looks very good with the old metal tile.

I painted Krylon's Satin Ivory over the top 
and let it cure for a few days.  

Next, I gently sanded the raised spots allowing 
the bronze and gold to show through.  
Finally, I wiped it down with thinned rust brown paint, 
then wiped most of that paint off.  
I don't want it too matchy, but I kept holding it up 
to the metal tile to check the color.

Tomorrow I'll show you what I'm putting in the frames.

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