Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dollar Store Cake Plate

With cakes and cupcakes being all the rage, it's nice to have a cake plate that compliments your hard work. 
When I saw this plate at the dollar store, 
I thought it was so pretty, 

especially when paired with this bowl.  
They are pretty and look nice for fall alone, 
but doubling up on that pattern 
enhances them both.  

Sometimes when you have an idea, 
it seems so simple, 
but then you spend a long time getting it just right.  
This is one of those projects.  
Gluing the bowl and the plate together 
just looked like a bowl and plate. 

They really needed something more. 

I tried inserting lots of different candlesticks, 
doilies, cylinders, etc., 
but nothing looked just right.  

I finally decided these natural wood beads complimented them the best.  No, it doesn't look like a high end, expensive cake plate, but for $2, some glue and a few old wooden beads, I think it makes an attractive display surface.  

I think I'm going to put a big Aubergine candle on mine for now.  

The point is this:  

there are so many really cute dishes at the dollar store
 and thrift stores that it's easy to  create something to serve your baked goods on for just a couple of $'s.  

This was a fun project, with pretty instant gratification.  

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  1. Very creative. I like how you used the wooden beads to add interest. Good job!

  2. that's fabulous! great idea!


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