Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fun With Wired Ribbon

Wired ribbon is one of the most fun things ever created!  Of course it makes beautiful bows, because you can shape and fuss until your bow looks spectacular.......

But here are a few other ideas to get your creative juices flowing for the holidays.

Cut a length of wired ribbon and on one side only, pull the wire partially from one end and then the other to cinch up the ribbon into a yo-yo.    Then twist the two end pieces together to hold the shape of the yo-yo.  There are so many beautiful Christmas ribbons, you could truly decorate an entire tree with them.  They are also inexpensive and fun to make with the kids.

Take it a step further and stack different sized yo-yos to glue onto headbands or.......anything really!

I used yo-yos on this candelabra to cover prongs that didn't look right with the pumpkins on them.  The yo-yos make a perfect cover up.  


Pull the wire completely out of one side of the ribbon and cinch the other side to create a gathered ribbon.  Stitch this onto towels, little girls' items, pillows.......again whatever your heart desires.  Just zig-zag across the wire on the gathered side of the ribbon, then pull this remaining wire out.

If you cinch up the wires on both sides of the ribbon, you can create a collar for a mason jar.  Wouldn't a plaid ribbon be adorable on a mason jar for Christmas?

I hope you'll have as much fun coming up with new ways to use wired ribbon as I did!

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  1. Very cute ideas! love it! (found you at Not Just a Housewife link party)


I LOVE your ideas and comments. Thanks for taking the time :)