Monday, October 31, 2011

"It's Halloween - My Pretties"

It's Halloween!

You know what that means?  

It's only 55 days until Christmas!!!!

At least that's what us Girls are thinking.

Starting tomorrow, I wish to share several posts with you about gift ideas for Christmas. 
 I hope you will join in - not only to get some ideas - but to share some as well.

This post is actually a Halloween and Gift post, 
because I'm featuring some Halloween crafts made and given to me by my Mom.

My mom made me chuckle when she gave me this little witch. 
 Our family is not really into creepy/evil things for Halloween, but when she handed it to me she said, 
"I don't care........
she was sooo cute - 
I just had to paint her!"

Well.......she is pretty cute.

She also painted this beautiful pumpkin basket for me.    

Most of her painting was crafty like this.  
Not that she couldn't do other painting, 
but she loved kids and holidays
 - so projects like this were really her passion.

A time or two we talked her into selling her crafts, 
but she couldn't do it.  

She wanted to craft for gifts, not selling.  
Somehow the selling took all the joy away for her.

Oh, how I love my mama's gifts!
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