Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Corn Basket and Antique Bench

Can you get too much Fall?

We had such a HOT, HOT, HOT Summer of drought
That Autumn seems especially nice this year.

And Who doesn't smile and think happy thoughts 
When they see pumpkins spilling off of 
Neighborhood porches.

This old bench has been in Edward's family
for around 100 years.  
It is so old, we can barely move it.

It still seems to say,
"Welcome Home".

My sister bought this sign for me a few years ago.
I think the bench and I agree - 
This is right to approach life!

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PS - I have used the same dried corn for at least 10 years.  I just wrap it in plastic trash bags and store in plastic tubs in the garage.  If that's enough to keep critters and insects out in Oklahoma - it should be good anywhere.

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  1. Love your bench! We are in midst of a major outdoor renovation at the moment. After 10 years of living with a brick patio that was subsiding we are about to lay new gray pavers. Today everything had to come off the patio - benches (glad mine was wooden) tables, pots. There are upturned bricks everywhere and sand treading in on the feet of children but it is going to be worth it! Are you on pinterest yet Ellie? I will send you an email with my name so you can see what I am pinning - yes, a couple of your creations feature there. I'm also a wreath maker and have a board just for wreaths and garlands. Mainly I've been pinning patios and outdoor entertaining ideas. Okay, back to the grind, only about another hundred bricks to move!

  2. How pretty your fall decor looks. I love a pretty old bench on the front porch.


  3. Just beautiful! I'd love for you to share it here:

  4. I have passed on the Versatile Blogger Award to you. You can pick up the button on my post from yesterday, "I Promised To Tell". Thanks for all the inspiration! ~ Maureen

  5. Soo pretty~ love it. Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!!! :)


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