Sunday, January 13, 2013

1929 Maid's Room Reveal - From a Maid to A Princess

 It's hard for me to believe, but at one time the inhabitants of my house had a personal maid.  Not one who came to do housekeeping, but one who had her own quarters.

Oh, Anna, I'm such a fan.  How fun it would be to have you as our maid at The Lavender Tub!  Not because I want you to work for us, but because you are the kind of person I love to have as a friend.  Mary doesn't deserve you.  

Anna is one of the house maids on the PBS series Downton Abbey.

I hope you enjoy looking around as much as I'm enjoying sharing this room.  I think a princess could relax here......and a maid could feel like a princess.  Come take a peek.......

We have never had a maid except for a-hem, yours truly, but we've had lots of uses for this room.  It has been a great bedroom for each of our children at one time or another - plus a niece, but also a wonderful office.  The view from the second floor is of our backyard and is especially nice. 

It has been so much fun decking out one of our bedrooms in VERY girlie fluff again.  I really, really miss having my daughter here, maybe this makes up for it a tiny bit.  I can't wait until Princess Paisley is old enough to have sleepovers.

And this is one of the most popular features of my home (found in this room) to all the kids who have visited here over the years.  A Laundry Chute of all things.  I can't even tell you how many stuffed animals have been thrown to the basement with children running up and down two flights of stairs to retrieve the little creatures - just to throw them down again.

This is my Princess Paisley, 
or Paisley Poo as Grammie calls her.

Isn't this picture a mess?
She looks a bit like a Diva here, 
but she is a very sweet girl. 

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  1. Love it all. And that is one classy laundry chute - I was always terrified of the one in my grandma's house, but by the time we moved into a house with one, our parents (wisely) instructed us not to toss the cat down it. I'm not gonna lie, we might have ignored the rule at least once. In other news, I think Anna would definitely approve of her living quarters ;)

    1. Oh, Angela! Thanks for your memories. Poor kitty....I hope no live creature has been down ours. It is quite tall and they would be a very unhappy being.

  2. I love it Ellie, especially the dressing table and stool - so dreamy. I don't think I'm brave enough to do so much fluffing with net as you have done with your pelmets but I keep hoping that Austrian blinds will come back into fashion because I used to have a real soft spot for them and the romantic look they gave to windows!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments, Ann. I was worried this valance would be a little out of style, but sometimes I don't care and just do what I like. Pretty is pretty no matter what. Maybe you should hang your Austrian blinds and bring them back in style!

  3. How did you create the poufy valances above the lace curtains? I love them!

    1. Check out this link:



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