Monday, January 28, 2013

Christmas Ball Valentine Wreath (A Pinterest Fail)

Don't you just LOVE Pinterest?

Don't you just hate when your project doesn't turn out like the pictures?  I love this picture and this person's honesty.

Doesn't this happen to all of us?

Well, at Christmas I tried to make this very beautiful Christmas ball wreath where you bend a coat hanger in a circle and slide ornaments onto it.  To see the original designer, go here:

Except, I used the plastic balls from the $ Tree, because I didn't want to mess with glass ornaments.  It was fun and fine until the balls started popping off their tops.  As I added more ornaments, balls would all of a sudden drop to the floor and roll every which way.  When I tried to chase them - still holding onto the wreath - more ornaments would pop off!  Grrr......  So I tried hot gluing the tops onto the ornaments, but the little ornament hangers were so flimsy they just broke off of the wire hanger.......again more rolling balls.  I finally got so sick of it, I just stuck it out in the garage.  I wanted to stomp this thing into a million pieces.  Forget It!

But time heals all wounds, and as I passed by it every time I came into the house - I knew I had to throw it away or finish the darn thing.  (I should have taken a picture - but it didn't cross my mind.)

 I just glued a corsage pin onto a little heart.  
This would work with Valentine cards, too, to create a pick.

This time I took a straw wreath form, broke the tops off the plastic bulbs with needle-nosed pliers, and hot-glued them in place.  In my opinion, it was much easier and I could make a larger wreath than by using a coat hanger.  I never could get the coat hanger to have a nice shape anyway.

So, here is my saved Christmas wreath.  I added some glitter hearts to fill in the gaps between the balls (see how to make the pick above) and ended up with a lovely Valentine wreath.  That works!

What Pinterest fails have you managed?  Could you save them, or was it easier to chalk it up to experience and throw it in the trash?  I'd love to hear your stories.

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  1. I'm still laughing over the Cookie Monster zombies. The Valentine wreath turned out well enough to compensate for the pins that don't go so well!

    1. I know. I think that's my favorite pinterest picture of all time. My friend made the sugar cookies cups by baking dough on the bottoms of muffin pans - today. They turned out about as bad.


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