Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Origami Owl Living Lockets

I'm so excited to tell you about some gorgeous jewelry I've just become familiar with.  A few months ago, my son-in-law ordered a locket for my daughter for their anniversary from a message board he is part of.  Needless to say, she was giddy delighted - and for good reason.  WOW! was it beautiful!  Since I was so impressed, yet had never heard of this company - I thought you might not have either.  So, I thought I would share:

This is a special locket made just for me!!! 
Notice the camera and the postcard (to represent posts)?

The company is called Origami Owl, and they are a direct marketing company that sells lockets and other necklaces through their designers.  What I love about the lockets, aside from how lovely they are, is that they can be opened and the charms changed to fit whatever look you desire.  This fits my style exactly, because I love having items - whether decorative, clothing, or jewelry - that can be used many different ways. 

The lockets are made of stainless steel, are hypo-allergenic, plus will not tarnish nor rust.  The gold and rose-gold lockets are actually plated with 18K gold.  I think the quality is very noticeable, and when you consider how versatile the lockets are - it seems like a great product for the price, to me.

I also like that the plates and tags are hand-stamped here in the US.  I am very concerned about human trafficking, and I like knowing where the products I buy are made.  I want to support our domestic industries, and I'm happier knowing that some child in a remote third world village is not stamping out what I'm choosing to wear for ornamentation.

My designer is Dorraine Hudson, and I hope you will check out her website here (or there are now links in the right sidebar of my page)

and go like her facebook page here:

She may be offering some giveaways in the future - 
and you wouldn't want to miss out!

You can place an order directly through her website, or contact her on FB.  I know she will love to help you out.  These are the steps she suggests when shopping for a locket.  

Aren't they stunning?  Have you heard of Origami Owl, or are they new to you too?  If so, what lockets have you put together?

The biggest problem I see is 
How do you choose?
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