Thursday, January 10, 2013

Angel Candlestick Jewelry Displays

Despite the fact that I only live with men now, I must say I'm having great fun putting together a girly room for my granddaughter.  She is just 8 months old and is really only interested in putting things in her mouth, but one day she and I are going to have so much fun playing dress-up and lots of other princessy things.

 Of course she will need a beautiful Snow White type mirror, and what better way to select her jewels than from the arms of angels?

I found these wooden candlesticks at.......oh, you already know where I shop.  They didn't do much for me in wood tone, but the detail was amazing.  I couldn't wait to get out the white paint.  My men think I paint everything white, and frankly, they don't get it.



I was a little stumped as to what to do about the candle holder area, because they aren't very pretty to me.  After trying several things, I placed some antique door knobs on the top and decided that was what I was after.  I, then, attached some pearls just under the knobs which created a perfect place to hang earrings.

And here they are:
Jewelry angels for My Angel!

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  1. Oh my word! She is so adorably precious! I'm glad your first grandchild was a girl - because you're right - boys just don't get the fru-fru and you deserve someone to spoil with your fru-fru :) The jewelry holders are beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Angela. We are so lucky to have our little girls, aren't we? She is a precious girl and very sweet.


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