Tuesday, September 20, 2011

$5 Shell Chair

Are you getting tired of seeing my garage sale junk finds? I'm so sorry.  Here's the thing though; since I started working I haven't quite found my groove for getting things accomplished.  I'm talking the basic things - like buying groceries.  Unfortunately, that means projects are having to take a back seat, for now.  I know, right!  

Anyway, here is an amazing shell chair I discovered at a yard sale and was able to get for $5!!!  I'm honestly amazed at how many great buys I've come across this summer.  

You probably have me pegged for one of those people who hits every garage sale and drives a hard bargain.  The truth is I only go for about 2-3 hours a week, and the only bargaining I do is to simply ask, "Is this your best price?" Furthermore, I don't ask on everything, and if someone says it already is their best price, I do not push them further.   I find with older items - especially if they have a tear or stain - people are just interested in getting rid of the stuff.  Well I dearly love older pieces because I know they have a story, and I usually don't mind a tear or stain as long as the piece is in pretty good condition.

This chair is actually vinyl and has a few chunks missing.  I don't like vinyl much, but the chair is very sturdy and the back and the wood is still in perfect shape.  I know it will be gorgeous one day when I get it recovered, but I'm not sure what I want to do just yet.  Thankfully this vinyl has a pretty pattern, and it actually looks really great with the chair I painted.  If you missed that post, you can read how I painted a fabric chair, here.

For me the enjoyment is not as much about getting an item for a steal, but instead giving something that is passed over a new purpose in life.  By draping an old lace tablecloth on this chair and adding a pillow, she becomes a Cinderella.

Look how lovely she looks next to the fireplace in my bedroom!  Hmmm.......what an appropriate place for a Cinderella.

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  1. Oooh, that last photo just makes me want to curl up in her :) Can't wait to have a garage saling budget again!

  2. Well I just love seeing your garage sale finds because well I just love going to garage sales and share your affection for finding lovely items that can be re-purposed or simply find a place in my home with no work needed! I don't go every weekend and I tend to choose by area opting for the more affluent suburbs as I find that these sellers are usually de-cluttering or have updated their furnishings and just want rid of their stuff. It's also where I find designer clothes for bargain prices, some stuff never worn.
    I found my brackets on ebay and they arrived yesterday - they are almost identical in style to the ones on your spice rack. They are made of cast iron with a rusticated finish which added to their charm. As there were only 4 we decided to use them to make a shelf for the exposed stone wall in our kitchen rather than a spice rack as I also found two metal French style shelves from the same seller which were perfect for a spice rack. Can't wait for them to go up - so thank you for the inspiration Ellie!

  3. Im jealousssssssssss... those chairs here are for 60$ even if stained or ripped :) San Francisco is expensive :(
    Visiting from No Minimalist here

    Rasha @ mychampagnetaste

  4. Nice bargain, and I love how you dressed her.

  5. Thanks everyone! I feel like I can't take much glory here. I mean, I bought the chair for $5 and threw a few pretties on her. She really is a great chair though. You girls need to come to Oklahoma and go shopping with me. Now is the perfect time of year to go.

  6. $5! is a steal, and you can take the glory cause she looks so pretty!


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