Friday, September 2, 2011

Confession @#$/#@**&#@!!!

I wish to apologize to my readers for the cussing I have been doing in my posts.  Actually I was not cussing, but my posts led you to believe I was.


OK, when you have children in your home, it is a good idea to have some controls on your computer.  We have them on ours.  One of the controls we apparently checked for our computer was to block out any cussing or inappropriate slang that popped up on the screen.  In the past I questioned whether these asterisks showed up in my posts, but was told they only appear on our computer.

Well, this has not been the case.  Sigh

So, please accept my apology for any posts that seemed like I was insinuating profanity, or that were just downright confusing.  I'm blushing now.......   I guess when I said I
s-n-a-t-c-h-e-d something at a garage sale, my computer thought I was saying something very off color - and fixed  it for me.  (I had to spell that so VGER wouldn't know what I was saying - some of you will get that!)  

Since I don't like that feature anyway, we are turning it off. It seems to draw our attention to the words blotted out, causing us to ponder what do these expressions mean in the slang world and why are they profane?  Honestly, these are things I really do not wish to know.

In my defense, I am a creative personality and not a computer geek.  I know it pays to be both when you blog, but Hey, us beginners have to start somewhere.

Thanks for your understanding,


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