Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Wreath

For a fall wreath this year, I decided to do something a little different than leaves and pumpkins.  I found this black ribbon at Hobby Lobby and knew I wanted a wreath with some black in it.  Something pretty and elegant, and not creepy.  

 I also found this black crow at the Dollar Tree.  My plan was to sit him on my old bench out front, but as I scrounged through boxes for items to decorate a wreath - an idea hit me.  Old black crow was going to get an extreme makeover.

I'm really not the best floral arranger, and it is scary for me to put my work out there for all to see.  However, as I say all the time, Things are not perfect at The Lavender Tub.  I want to expose my weaker areas in the hopes that it will encourage others to takes some chances and try new things. We only become better at the things we actually try, and often the creative process is more enjoyable than the finished product.

Having said that, my favorite part of wreath making is to see what kind of "found" objects I can incorporate into a wreath. I rarely buy new things to make a wreath, but instead carefully look at things I already have - like this old plastic sconce.  There was something about the color and design that made me think it would look great on a wreath with the black ribbon.

So, with several recycled florals and a few found objects, here is my fall wreath.  Can you believe how classy old crow looks?  

What new items did I add?  Ribbon from Hobby Lobby at 1/2 price - $5.  The crow from Dollar Tree - $1, and the fake wheat from Wal-Mart - .97.

Hey, if anyone is interested in a tutorial on how to make a bow, let me know.  

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this! Teach me your ways! You should teach some kind of craft class... You're just perfect :)
    Miss you incredible amounts! ~Nicole

  2. I think this wreath is one of the most unique that I have seen in quite some time. I saw your post over on Savvy Southern Style; and wanted to visit your site. I am a newbie and your newest follower; and I hope you'll follow me, too. Many Blessings!!


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