Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Dear Friends of The Lavender Tub

If there is anything certain about living, it is that change is inevitable.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the enormous change that took place in our house when we stopped homeschooling, and my children went to a school for the first time - ever.  Today I wish to share with you that I started a full-time position with a university that is located in our town.

It was not my plan to go back to work, at least until after the kids were grown and off to college, but sometimes circumstances dictate that we must alter our plans.  When Edward lost his job over two years ago, our lives changed.  It is a tough road to recovery, and one that requires each member of our family to examine what he/she can contribute or sacrifice.

So with a heavy, but happy heart, I am slipping into my high heels and stepping back into the world of a working mom.  My heart is heavy, because I love homemaking and could have done this forever.  And yet, my heart is happy, because I am blessed with an absolutely wonderful, joyful job that will help provide the things my family needs.

I hope I can keep writing The Lavender Tub.  I know I will need a little time for adjustment, but then we'll see.  It has been a dream of mine to write a blog to encourage others, particularly women, to find contentment in one's present circumstances.  I pray I will be able to continue this passion, but if not, find contentment in the new experiences that lie ahead.

Please know how much I have loved your comments and how much you have encouraged me.  This has been the best medicine, and a lifeline I needed to get through a very tough time.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to see you again very soon!!!  Until then, stay encouraged and stay encouraging.



  1. Dear Ellie,
    I have only just find your blog today via pinterest which I joined just last week. It was your wonderful spice rack that led me here. Have you found this virtual pin board website yet? It is a wonderful way of sharing ideas for the home and you always give credit to the original source. It is less intensive than blogging because no writing is involved. I am having my husband make me a spice rack similar to yours ASAP - just have to find some brackets. It is exactly what I have in mind for a corner of my kitchen. I've been browsing your archives and I'm so inspired. I do hope you keep on sharing your creativity with others when you can. I'm a garage sale aficionado, love finding new uses for old things, I've researched my family history and I am also a maker of wreaths - very similar in style to the ones you fashion.
    I pray that everything works out for you with the change that lies ahead. Wish I had found you sooner as I share so many of your interests and aspirations.

  2. So sorry that you shave to step back into the other working world.

    I do hope that you will linkup one of you wonderful posts to Potpourri Friday. You have just been featured!


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