Thursday, November 29, 2012

1929 Powder Room

To share the update of our downstairs bathroom, 
I thought I would just let you look around.  

This bathroom was original to the house.
 However, in the 1940's a shower was added from a  
space that had been a hallway to the 
porte-cochere of the house.  

The outside doorway was bricked in and a 3/4 bath 
with walk-in shower was created.

The shower is located behind this arched door.

The built-in shelves next to the shower 
are quite accessible and handy.

It is located right off the kitchen on the main floor.

This bathroom is only 4' x 8' which is
making it hard to get good shots.

When we remodeled, 
we installed all Kohler fixtures.

I picked up this old tin ceiling tile
at an antique mall when I recently went
to Grapevine, TX.  It was a birthday
present I bought for myself 
from Edward. 

And this little aluminum soap dish has
been in Edward's family for a long time.  He thinks it was his uncle's in WW II.
It is so pretty.

Thanks for stopping by the shower at The Tub today!




  1. LOVE the bathroom! All the details is amazing!

  2. Oh that is incredibly beautiful. I would love to have something like that, sadly with 5 rowdy kids if it happen it will be a long time away. It looks stunning, thanks for sharing


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