Monday, November 5, 2012

1929 Prairie Home - Dining Room Reveal

Hi Lavendears!

Little by little we are getting our home ready to place 
on the market.  So without further ado, here are some 
pictures of our Dining Room.......

I hope you Enjoy!

French Doors With Palladium Window

Ceiling Medallion

Would you replace this chandelier?  
We chose this when we used this room 
as a Family Room.

Arched Doorways

Original Hardwood Floors

Elegant Chair Rail

9 1/2 Foot Ceilings

Original Crown Molding

 There is a rumor amongst some of the older residents 
of our town that Eleanor Roosevelt had dinner in this 
very dining room.  We have not been able to substantiate
this.  The closest we can find is that the owners of our home 
hosted a dinner for her elsewhere.  I would love for 
this to be true!

We've enjoyed so many dinners and 
events in this room....... 

Thanks for visiting our home today!  
The pleasure has been all mine.


  1. I loved your dining room - it was a pleasure to visit. I think it is beautiful - it would certainly appeal to me if I was a buyer but there again I love your style and I think we have similar taste. I wouldn't change the pendant light, I think it works well with your other lighting and tiered stands. The only pain about up facing shades is the dust that gathers in them that you have to clean out - know what that is like! Your dining room has a real warmth and those quotes are beautiful. I want a quote for my living room wall - can I steal that one by Eleanor Roosevelt? I love it. I just have to find wall lamps that go with my Victorian ceiling pendant - it used to be an oil lamp but has been converted for electricity. Everything in the lighting stores here is so modern and I have an aversion to chrome and most of the lights look more suited to spaceships than homes!

    1. Do you have a pic of your gas ceiling pendant on your blog? I will have to look. Yes, Ann, please use the quote! I looked high and low for an Eleanor Roosevelt quote - and there are so many good ones - but then I stumbled across this one day. I love it, too. Thanks for your opinion, too.

    2. I don't think there is a photo of my lamp on my blog. My little camera doesn't take very good interior shots. It has brass fittings but the shade is the same yellow as your walls with a delicate pattern of creamy flowers on a white band. I'm considering spray painting all the brass fittings throughout the house Venetian bronze to match the door handles we bought out of the States. Have bought the paint but haven't found time to do it yet!

  2. I think your house looks lovely. I think whoever buys it could easily change the chandelier to whatever their taste is. Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Sandy. I like that answer. I like having a chandelier closer to the table in a dining room, but this one wouldn't look good that way. Blessings, friend.

  3. I would buy your home in a heartbeat - but only if I could have you always on hand for re-decorating whenever the mood hit - either that or I would just never change anything from how it was when I bought it - which means you'd have to leave everything behind :) Love you, friend. And I so much don't want you to go!

    1. Angela, you are my sweetheart! Of course you know I would love to come redecorate any time you needed. I am very torn on leaving because my kids have grown up in this house and it is such a pretty, pretty place to live, and we love so many people here. The good thing is we won't be that far away (hint, hint come visit), plus we still have grandparents here - so we will be back often. Our next home won't be the same, but that's part of this amazing adventure called life. Whatever God gives us for a home - I know I will love it, because I have loved every other place we have lived. Thanks for always being such an encourager.

  4. Your dining room is beautiful and I love the large palladium and french door. I bet the house will sell quickly.

  5. Oh, I love your home! I am such a sucker for ceiling medallions and french doors, so this got me right away. Love the quote by Eleanor as well!


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