Saturday, November 24, 2012

Goodbye, Autumn

I think autumn gets shortchanged a bit, for as soon as the dishes dirtied for Thanksgiving are tidied up - the Christmas season begins!  This is sad because winter is still a month away.

 Perhaps that is why I couldn't resist snapping just a few more pictures before I put all of the autumn decor away.  I was about to take apart the autumnal display on the entry table when this view caught my eye:

It was as if the crape myrtles that grace the west side of our front porch were saying, "Are you sure an artificial Christmas tree is really what would delight your senses today?"

It was all I needed to hang on to fall and put off the Christmas tree a couple days more.  With that thought, I poured a glass from a fresh pitcher of iced tea and made my way to the porch swing to listen to the beautiful rustling melody of the crape myrtles.

Thanks for stopping by the tub today,



  1. Beautiful photos! Fall is my favorite season of all and yes, I feel it gets short changed. :) I love Christmas but it all gets to be intertwined these days due to the retail atmosphere.

    I love that you have a front porch and swing!

  2. Thanks, Pat. Yes, I really hate what retail has done to this season. I would love to take my kids back to when Christmas was not like it is now. They have no idea how peaceful it was. Merry Christmas.


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