Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall Decorations

Today on Pinterest I noticed that some of the fall 
decorations from my post on our Dining Room found 
here were being pinned.  In case anyone would like 
a closer look, I thought I'd share a few more pictures.

 I didn't have time to fuss with them much, and almost 
everything is from my fall stash.  The pumpkins on the 
pedestals were picked up at a yard sale this summer 
and one even has a chip.
  The only new items are the candles.

 Here is a view of the tray 
(which is actually a mirror) 
from the front.

 I pulled together ornamental corn, wheat, broom corn 
(the dark beady stuff), dried okra pods, pine cones, 
fake leaves, a smaller garage sale pumpkin, and some 
mercury glass acorn ornaments from Walmart's clearance.

 Some recycled flowers, dollar store pumpkins, 
and a few more mercury glass acorns 
completed the decorations.
Ssshhh, I didn't even buy any real pumpkins this year.  
My boys weren't interested in carving any, so I decided 
to skip them.  It did make me a little sad to think 
they didn't want to do that anymore.
Oh well, less mess I guess.

Thanks for visiting the tub!

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