Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello, Christmas - At the Gaylord Texan

A few weeks ago, Edward had a conference at the 

Gaylord Texan Resort 

near Dallas, TX.  Since it is only three hours from our home, we both thought it would be fun for me to tag along.

While he went to meetings all day, I whiled away hours walking around the resort, frequenting coffee shops, shopping thrift stores in Grapevine, TX, and strolling an antique mall.  It was like living in Cottage Living magazine for four days.

 This is the atrium in the center of the resort.

They say, "Everything is Big in Texas!"  
These boots above the Texas Station restaurant 
in the resort were enormous.

And this is Hank.  Hank hangs out along one of the paths
under the atrium.  He's real, but stuffed.

How's this for Early Mission style?

  Yes, it was dreadfully hard!
But what's a girl with 3+ days
all to herself to do?

The Gaylord was busy putting up their Christmas decorations on Wednesday when we arrived.

The big tree lighting and kick-off for their ice sculpture show was to take place on Thursday evening.  Many local families were there with their little ones for this magical event.

Sadly, the main attraction - a very tall Christmas tree in the atrium - did not light up at the end of the count down.  It was kind of a bummer for the children, but Santa showed up and the kids were soon over the dark tree.

So, want to see how they do Christmas at the Gaylord?


Now, y'all, if that doesn't get you 
excited for Christmas, 
I don't know what else will!

Thanks for stopping by the 
Gaylord Texan with me today.  
Wasn't that fun eye candy?
Edward and I certainly thought so,
and we had a marvelous time.



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