Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Batchelder Fireplace & Summer Mantel

Some of the beautiful features of our 1929 home are the old fireplaces.  While our home mostly resembles the Prairie style, it does have a touch of Arts & Crafts, and this is seen particularly in the fireplaces.  

The fireplace I'm showing you today is in our Living Room and is a Batchelder Tile Fireplace #251.  To see an original drawing of this fireplace for catalog, go here.  To learn more about the Arts & Crafts designer, Ernest Batchelder, look here.

Earlier this month I shared with you that my mantel decor was overdue for changing, since it was all about spring.  I didn't really want to decorate for "summer" per se, but what resulted looks rather summer-ish.  My inspiration was this vase given to me by my stepmom.  It was a gift to my father from a Korean pastor friend.  While it does have some value because it is Celadon, I treasure it because it represents the love so many people had for my dad.  I'm really missing him right now and decided to decorate purely for sentiment. 

It shouldn't be a surprise, then, that I anchored the other end of the mantel with my great-grandmother's butter churn.  It doesn't really go with the vase, but I like the contrast and I love the churn.  Her name was Cordelia, but she was known to all as Cordie.

The candlesticks I picked up while thrifting with my stepmom in Phoenix.  Someday, perhaps,  I'll be brave enough to tell you the tale of how I actually got these on the plane and made it home with them.  Let's just say it involves an overweight suitcase - thanks to iron candlesticks - and my underwear being strewn about in front of a long line of irritated fellow travelers.  Oh, yes!  This really happened!

The last sentimental treasure to go on the mantel is this bouquet of oak-leaf hydrangeas.  Edward bought this hydrangea for me for Mother's Day last year.  I had wanted one for a very long time and was absolutely thrilled.  It truly does make me happy every time I look at it.  The blossoms look a bit too green to go well with everything else, but they will continue to dry to a parchment color.

It's a very eclectic mix of sentimental treasures, garage sale finds, and some vinyl stickers I picked up at the Dollar Store for $2, but it's comfortable and pleasing to me.  Do you think Mr. Batchelder would like it?

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  1. I am visiting via Romantic Homes.

    What a wonderful fireplace!

    Have a happy weekend!

  2. Lovely fireplace! Lovely blog! My home also has a Batchelder fireplace and Batchelder terra cotta tile in the entry and bath. See the photos at http://512-alameda.blogspot.com/

  3. Very nice page. I We own your same Batchelder fireplace central panel at our home in Cincinnati. Enjoy!

  4. I was pleasantly surprised when I found this fireplace because we moved our home from Houston, TX. It was built in 1930 (commodes say May, 1930). And I have this exact fireplace. It has gas logs and I love it!

    1. That is exciting to hear. I love it, too. I think it had me at hello when we opened the front door. Thanks for sharing.


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