Monday, July 4, 2011

Spring Makes Everything New

Today is July 4th, which seems to be a date by which we evaluate our summer.  Even though summer just officially began less than 2 weeks ago, in our minds it is half over.  This is probably because our kids go back to school in just over a month and we are realizing there are still so many things we would like to do with them.

With that said, I have a confession:  My fireplace mantel is still decorated for spring!  I know.  I should have changed it a month ago, but the truth is I made a new spring picture this year, and I wanted to leave it up until I absolutely had to take it down.  Remember....... things are not perfect here at The Lavender Tub.

But people have started to talk and I know I must change (sigh).  Before I do though, here's a little glimpse of my picture and it's Junk 2 Jewel journey. 

This is how it looked when my sister gave it to me.  It was one of her garage sale finds and she never found the right place for it in her home.  By the way, my sister does this often and I am so glad because some of the most beautiful things in my home are my sister's cast-offs.  O Happy Day!!!

I loved the frame except it had a little too much gold for my fireplace.  The print, too, was pretty - just not my style.

To bronze up the frame, I used a paint called Rub-n-Buff on the parts that were too gold.  It is a great way to highlight things with metallic paint.  You just apply with your finger, allow it to dry, and then buff with a soft cloth.  It's so fun!  Once I have my finger all stained up, I can't help running around touching a little paint here and there and all over..... but I digress.

Next, I printed out the definition of spring, in dictionary form, on a piece of scripted paper.  I then glued it on top of some scrapbook papers I had laid out into a pattern.  The result was "fresh" and "fun" and just spoke spring to me. 

The small frame holds an old piece of sheet music called, Welcome Spring.

I really don't decorate every inch of my home for the different holidays or seasons, just a little statement here and there.  Since I've already scattered some seashells around my garden room, I'm thinking I won't decorate the mantel with a summer theme.  I'm not sure what I will do, but you will be the first to know!

Have a safe and wonderful holiday.  My kids make fun of me for often telling them to stop and study a particular moment in time in order to make a memory.  Be sure to make a memory today!

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