Saturday, July 30, 2011

My View From the Tub - On Comparison

 I have a confession to make here at The Lavender Tub.  It takes a lot of courage to admit this, but.......sometimes I go to bad parties!  Reaally bad parties.

Who would have ever thought this, right?

Well, I do, and they're called pity parties.  I really hate going to them, but sometimes I find myself there.

And can I just say, "Almost every time I find myself at one of these parties, it is because I've gotten caught up in comparing something about my life with someone else's?"  I can be going along fine and happy, when out of nowhere it hits me like a bus.  Anyone else know what I'm talking about?

My friend has this little expression in a frame in her house:

Comparison is the Stealer of Joy

Six little words.  But, six very powerful, little words.

Since one of my goals at The Lavender Tub is Contentment Regardless of the Circumstances, I created this picture to frame. Like my friend, I want to be reminded of the damage caused by comparison.

The last few years have been pretty tough for my family, and I think most people would not blame me for going to these parties.  I lost my dad to cancer after having lost my mom to cancer 13 years ago.  My Edward was laid off from work, and we had very little income for almost two years on account of neither of us working.  We've all but lost a 5 year-old niece to an ugly divorce situation, and my daughter miscarried her first pregnancy.  OUCH!

But here is the thing:  Allowing comparisons to creep in does not change anything for the better.  They just leave me resentful, hurt, discouraged, discontented.......and without JOY!

So, I'm uninviting myself to those parties!  And when that comparison bus tries to hit me, I'm facing it head on and choosing to compare with those less fortunate than I am. Those I can reach out to and encourage, or help with their needs.  

How about you?  What are you comparing with that is stealing your joy?  Do you need this little reminder, too?  If so, I've created a few different designs for you to enjoy in your home.  Hopefully, you'll be able to "click" on the design you like and "print" whatever size best suits your needs.  I'm not very savvy at creating printables yet, but I'm not going to compare with those bloggers who are.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for listening.  Be encouraged.



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