Thursday, August 25, 2011

Great Finds - Old Mirror

This has been the greatest yard sale summer for finding interesting "old" treasures.  Some of them I plan to remake; others look amazing just as they are.  

Like this old mirror I found at a country estate sale.  It was propped up against the side of an old shed and covered in dirt and mud dobbers' nests.  I really debated about whether to get it, because it is seriously heavy.  In fact I had decided to pass on it, but the people were wheelin' and dealin' with such great prices that I threw out "$3", and they said "sold".  I know.  I stole it, and I should probably feel bad.  But it was one of those sales where they just want everything gone, and they still had about 3 buildings and a yard full of stuff to get rid of.

After cleaning up the mirror, I decided I really loved her character and patina, just as is.  I mean how many tutorials have you read that show you how to get a new mirror to look just like this?  As I sat her in my garden room, I knew she was home, and she was already perfect.

Can you see the patina in the mirroring?

I wonder why the frame has green on one side

and aqua on the other?
  Sure wish I knew her whole life's story.

Here she is in place.  
I love how the blue ceiling looks in the reflection.  
I'll bet she's older than my house.

I can't wait to show you some of my other great finds, 
so hurry back.

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  1. I think this mirror was supposed to come home with you! She looks perfect there. I love your blue ceiling! And, I never get tired of whites that have patina and character - all mixed together in the same room. Three bucks well spent, dear. :)

    I can't wait to see your other treasures!


  2. Gorgeous mirror! I love mirrors I have a bunch hanging above my mantel in my living room. I love how you see the blue ceiling in the mirror. Very pretty. It was meant to hang on your wall. :)

  3. I think I have the fraternal twin sister to your mirror ;) They definitely resemble one another. And, yes, I am totally in love w/mine. I bought it at a barn sale several yrs ago. Don't even know how much I paid, just that it wasn't much. I've hung it several different places, but it's just taken front seat in my living room as part of a collage wall I'm currently working on.

    I have def. enjoyed looking around your blog & we be back to visit. Found you on Miss Mustard Seed's link-up.

    Angie at Call Her Blessed

  4. She's a lovely old mirror :)

    Visiting from Miss Mustard Seed's Linky Party,
    Suzanne in NW Illinois

  5. What an awesome yard sale find!

  6. Your fireplace area is just fabulous!!
    So well put together. Thank you for the

  7. That mirror is fabulous!! Please come by sometime and join us for Treasure Hunt Thursday! We would love to have ya!

  8. Love! You are right the mirror is fabulous just the way it is!

  9. As I was scanning the links on this weeks BNOTP, I knew I HAD to visit the one with the old mirror. I'm practically addicted to old mirrors, and it's great to see someone else who appreciates their charm. You got a great deal on yours!! It's perfect where you put it.

  10. I LOVE that you left it as is. That is an amazing piece. I'm thrilled you got it for such a steal!

  11. What a STEAL!! And she looks fabulous in your home! Vanna

  12. Your new mirrow looks terrific and at such a thrift price!

    Hope you will bring one of your projects for posts to my Potpourri Friday link-y party. Link up will begin on Thursday afternoon. Your participation will certainly help it to be a success!

  13. Love how this turned out. BRAVO!

    I wanted to let you know that I've got a great giveaway that ends Friday. It's for $100 to, and trust me they've got something I know you'll love!

    Stop by and enter ASAP. I'd love to see what you would do with their products! See you soon!


  14. What a perfect fit - she has been waiting for you to bring her home.

  15. So glad you came to the party. The mirror looks like it was made for over that mantel. What a find.

  16. WOW...that's one great $3.00 mirror...looks outstanding in your nest.


  17. That really is a great looking mirror for $3.00.

    Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday and helping to make it a success! I appreciate you! Hop to see you next week!

  18. Another great find....I love mirrors.

  19. So glad you left her the way you found her! Wisdom! Old mirrors are a weakness for me,too.
    Blessings, Audrey

  20. Very pretty and so nice that you had the perfect spot to put it. I want to also compliment you on your fireplace screen ~ lovely and so creative. Have a great day!


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