Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fireplace Screen to Memo Board

One thing about The Lavender Tub -

Things tend to move around here to fit the fancy of the day!

It is not that I'm fickle - it's just when I need a particular something to fill a spot - I shop the house first.

Such is the case with this fireplace screen

 You can read more about how I crafted it here 

While I really like it as a fireplace screen, and it will likely return to its original purpose - I needed something to fit this wall

It is such a long, busy wall that really needs something large to break it up - otherwise anything you hang on it looks like a postage stamp.  It also needs to be fairly thin, because we walk past it to get from one part of the Garden Room to the other.  Since I picked up a true fireplace screen at a yard sale for $1 (I'm remaking it and will show you the results later), I decided to see how my screen would look on the wall as a memo board.

The center panel is magnetic and I can change out the sheet music with fabric or other paper.  I also shopped my curtain supplies and came across these clips I purchased at IKEA.  If you slide the hook portion onto the shutter panels from the back, then add the clips from the front - it makes a perfect place to hang pictures, etc.

I really like its function and look on the wall, for now.  Repurposing truly is one of my favorite things to do, so I had a lot of fun with this.  I know I didn't really create something new, but I thought I'd share it anyway in case you like the look but do not need a fireplace screen.

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  1. I love this Ellie - just love it. Hope you don't mind that I pin it. I might just repurpose my chalk board which was created from an old picture frame. The frame is lovely but unless I actually remember to write on it the centre is black and boring. It would make a much better memo board. I can't believe the screen only cost you a dollar. I went to the garage/yard sales on the weekend and found a vintage dinner set minus one cup. It was a wedding gift the lady told me. I paid the same price for the set as one plate sells for on ebay. And at last I have a large mirror with ornate frame from the same sale and trying to decide which blank wall it will grace in my home!

  2. "Repurposing truly is one of my favorite things to do"...why would you want to repurpose Truly?? not very nice ...:)

  3. Ann, of course I don't mind - thank you for pinning! Did you post a pic of your dishes on your blog? I will have to look. BTW, this screen did not cost the $1 - I bought another to replace where I stole this one from. This one only cost me the plaque I attached to the top - everything else was recycled. I also can't wait to see your ornate mirror. I'm always keeping my eye open for one at the right price.

    Sandy, thanks so much You are such an encourager!

    OK, Tomi - now I have to explain things so people don't think you are crazy.

    My sister, Tomi, has a daughter named Truly - who happens to be one the cutest 3 year olds in the whole wide world. The only repurposing I would do with her is to have her come live with me so I could see her much more!

    1. It had 17 repins on the first day so obviously other people loved it too Ellie! I also mentioned your blog as a source for inspiration for repurposing finds. Aha - I notice my friend Renata is now following you! Can't wait to see your firescreen! I have plans for the dishes which I will do a blog post on in the not too distant future!

  4. On a fun side note, my son just told me that one of his friends - who is an amazing pianist - took the music off the memo board, sat down at the piano and sight-read and played the piece. When he was finished - he put it back. Look at those notes! I wish I would have heard it. I love that story!

  5. visiting from between naps on the porch...what a great idea!!! Love it and your blog, too.

  6. Ellie, This is such a great idea! It looks awesome in your home, it gives it a warm, comfy feel.

  7. this looks awesome! I hung shutters in my hall ~ similar idea.....

  8. Awesome! it...happy weekend, Mariaelena

  9. Looks great! I love that you shop your house first. Most people would just run out and spend money when it's not necessary. I hope you'll stop by Etcetorize to share this at the Make it Great linky party ( The party starts tonight!


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