Friday, March 2, 2012

Today's Yard Sale Treasures

Yard sales are just starting up in our area.  Today was my first day out this season, and I only went to one - BUT, 


Here are the treasures I picked up, along with a few utility items:

OK, I'm probably in trouble with Edward for this one.  But, I have great plans for it, and it looks much cooler in person.

The main reason I want to post these on my blog today is to encourage all of my local friends to 

Get up and go spend a bunch of $ at

Good Shepherd's Garage Sale

tomorrow starting at 8:30.
There is lots of awesome stuff and it is for a very wonderful cause.
The prices are really great - so it will be hard to spend a bunch - but do your best!



  1. UGH!!! I would have snagged that mirror! StephW

  2. Oh, I've been planning on it for weeks! I was tempted to head out with all three children this morning, but refrained knowing I could go it alone tomorrow. Hope there's still something good left!


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