Thursday, March 29, 2012

Your heART's Design

You know those places where you go 
to paint your own pottery?

A few years ago, all four of my kids spent hours at a pottery place making this nativity set for me.  That's pretty remarkable considering 3 of the 4 were boys - including a son in law.  I absolutely LOVE it!

I know they've been around for a little while, but are they not the most fun places ever?  Sitting around with your best girlies making crafts all night - well, that definitely is my idea of an evening well spent.

Usually when we want to do something like this in these parts, we have to travel about 40 minutes to Oklahoma City. However, much to my delight, we now have a place right here in our own little town.

It is called

Your HeART'S Design

check out their web-site here

I went to a friend's surprise birthday party there last week and had a great time.  They were so helpful and accommodating with all of our party stuff.  It was relaxing, fun, cute, spacious - just a great environment for a party.

There is only one problem 

What on earth do you make when you go to one of these places?

No, I'm seriously posing this question to you!

It is sooo hard to come up with an idea on the spot.  The next time I go, I want to have some ideas in mind - and since everyone else was struggling too - I'd love to get some ideas from YOU!

I ended up making 4 coasters, after all I did need some.  How did they turn out?  Well, the red ones are nice, but my leopard prints look like some kind of creature footprints.  In my defense - I should have chosen to only paint 2 coasters in one evening, because as I ran out of time, I had to paint the leopard spots rather quickly.  I also should have grabbed something leopardish to look at while I painted.  Oh well, I like them anyway.  They kind of remind me of the Flintstones and they'll still do the job.  

To my local friends, I hope you'll check out Your heART's Design and perhaps join them on their next ladies night.  Or better yet, have a party there - you don't have to clean your house or anything.

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  1. I have been so wanting to visit Your HeART's Design! I always have that lack of inspiration problem, too. We tend to go to the fallback of kids' handprints and such, but I love your coasters, I think they're cute :)


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