Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Window Shopping - The New Color of Our Bedroom

Regardless of what color I would like to paint our bedroom 

We are bound by this fireplace.

I've seen in other homes in this area where the tile fireplace has been painted  -  usually with white

And I must admit, I've been tempted 

After all, wouldn't the birds look nice in white ? 

But loving this old house the way she is always prevails and so, the fireplace stays in these colors.

We first painted our room this sand color

but moved to the dramatic terra cotta (pictured above) when our son took over the room and thought the sand was boring.

Then Edward and I decided to reclaim the Master Bedroom and thought something more tranquil would be nice.  I tried to experiment with the aquas in the fireplace, but alas nothing really looked good.  As the light changed throughout the day, the aqua went from being something that matched the fireplace to something that looked baby blue.  Yuck!

Happily, I came across this soft green color at Lowes called Window Shopping.  It, too, changes colors throughout the day - from yellowish to grayish to blueish - but it always feels very nice.

Sure beats the terra cotta, don't ya think?

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  1. I'm in love with your bedroom. I dream about one day having a fireplace in our bedroom, and I LOVE arched doorways! However, being me, I would probably have taken the plunge to paint it white... or have it resurfaced in something else. That's just me, and it still looks just gorgeous the way it is!

    Great job!

  2. Ellie, I have to agree with Hannah...I've often dreamed of a fireplace in a master bedroom. I really like your mantle decorations, too. I love mantles and seeing how they add interest to a room. Helen

  3. You're a go-to blog for the best detailed tutorials along with your thoughts and integrity of the designs. Thanks so much!


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