Thursday, March 15, 2012


Got Spring Break?

Need a Diversion?

How about some homemade GAK?

This stuff used to be all the rage.  
I haven't seen it around for a while, but perhaps that's because my kids are teens now.

My sister texted and said, 
"Hey, put that slimy stuff you used to make with your kids 
on your blog."

So, here it is!  
It is so much fun to make, and your kids 
will play with this for hours.

All you need to make GAK is 8 oz. of school glue, 1 . 5 tsp. of Borax, warm water, food coloring, and 2 bowls.

Dump the glue into one of the bowls.  Fill the empty glue bottles half full of warm water, then shake.  Finish filling the bottles with warm water, then dump the water into the glue bowl.  Mix well.  (The water you add 
should be 8 oz. altogether)

You can make GAK any color.  
Since green is the color of boogers, and snot, and icky things that boys like, it has always been the color 
of choice at our house.  
I added about 8 drops of green 
and 10 drop of neon yellow.

In the second bowl, mix together 8 oz. of warm water 
with 1 . 5 tsp. Borax.

Now, slowly pour the Borax mixture 
into the glue mixture while stirring.

Instantly, a slimy mass will begin to form.  To me, this is the most fun part.  It will take 10-15 minutes for all the water to absorb into the slime.  If you are making this for a party and creating a few batches - I think the water will continue to absorb even if you are not working it the entire time.  I'm not sure since we have never kept our hands out of it that long to know for certain.  

That's it!  
Time to get out some marbles and army guys.

For the cost of a couple of bottles of glue and a teeny amount of Borax - you just bought yourself a nice long coffee break.

WORDS OF CAUTION:  We have tried to color this with kool-aid before, and it does not work.  Something in the kool-aid messes up the reaction.

Also, while it is quite diluted, it is still glue.  Don't allow stray pieces to dry on the piano bench, legos, the carpet, or the dog's fur.  I'm just speaking from experience.

Store in an airtight container.  It keeps quite well, but will develop mold after several weeks.  By then, it will be disgusting (or have reached its prime in a boy's mind), and you will be ready to toss it anyway.

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