Monday, March 19, 2012

Great Tips - Best Soap Dish

With all the fancy, amazingly scented body washes and facial cleansers on the market - I find I'm still a soap girl.  I think I just really like my skin to feel the clean that I get with soap.

The problem is.......

Soap is Messy

and I don't like that!

I've tried all kinds of soap dishes, soap boxes, putting marbles in the dish, storing the soap upright etc., etc. The soap still leaves a lot of gunk in the bottom of the dish and makes a terrible, ugly mess.

I finally found something that works really great, and can be used with any soap dish or container.  A body wash pouf. Just keep your soap on top of a pouf and there will be almost no mess.  Any soap that drips down from the bar into the pouf dries before it reaches the dish.  It looks nice and clean and only requires rinsing out the pouf every few weeks or so.

Yay!  I can stay a soap girl - 
although some of those sparkly body washes 
are awfully irresistible.

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  1. I love your elegant soap dish Ellie! My son sells soap for a living. Actually, its not soap but rather cleansing and moisturizing body bars that don't turn to gunk on the soap dish. They are hand made using goats milk and completely natural. You want to see the displays they create at the markets. Of course its the only 'soap' I use in our home. A silver platter would look out of place in my bathroom which has copper taps but I'm imagining something similar in bronze!


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