Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sewing/Cutting a Round Tablecloth

A while ago, I let you in on a secret of how you can use trash cans to make round tables in your home.  You can see that post here.  Today I'd like to show you an easy way to make a round tablecloth for that table, or any other round table you may have.

 Step 1.  You will first need to measure the width of the top of your round table.  Next, measure from the top edge to the floor, or however long you want the tablecloth to hang.  Finally, decide how you will finish the edge of the tablecloth.  Will you stitch lace to the edge, serge it, do a rolled hem,  or apply No-fray?  To determine your CUTTING LENGTH:  Add together the width of the top + the drop (length) x 2 + how much you need to hem (If rolled hem - add 1/2 inch, if serging - add 1/4 inch) x 2.

If you have a wide enough piece of fabric, like a sheet, go ahead and skip to Step 4.

Step 2.  Most fabrics are not wide enough for round tablecloths, which means you have to piece them.  To know how much fabric to purchase - take the cutting length you figured above and multiply times 2.  To cut my fabric for piecing, I simply fold the big piece of fabric in half matching up the top and bottom, and cut on the fold.  Then I fold one of those pieces in half lengthwise, and cut on that fold.  You should now have a large rectangle and two strips the same length as the rectangle, but half the width of it.  

Step 3.  I fold each piece of fabric in half width-wise enough to find my center point and start pinning the pieces, right sides together, from the center out. 

Stitch into place.  Open the seams and press nice and flat. 
(In my example, my strips are slightly shorter, but just a 
little and it will not alter the outcome.)

Step 4.  Fold the pieced fabric in half lengthwise, matching up the seams and the edges.  Now fold in half the other way, so the top and the bottom of the fabric are lined up.  I like to pin around the edge to keep everything from slipping.  

Step 5.  If you can work on a surface where you can stick a pin into it - that would be great.  My hard wood floors have little gaps between the planks and work perfect for me.  I've marked which corner you will want to stick the pin in.

Step 6.  If your tape is like mine and has a little nail hole, go ahead and measure from the edge of the nail hole to the flat metal edge of the tape measure (probably about 1/4").  Add this small amount to 1/2 your CUTTING LENGTH that you determined in Step 1.  If yours does not have this hole, just use 1/2 your CUTTING LENGTH.  Poke a stick pin into the center of the tape measure at the place that is 1/2 your CUTTING LENGTH plus the 1/4" - if you have a hole.  Now poke the pin through the folded top corner of your fabric and into your surface - if you can.

Step 7.  Put a pen or pencil through the hole of your tape measure, and carefully draw a curved line onto your fabric.  Your tape measure will pivot  on the pin at the top.  Take your time and don't pull on the tape measure, but rather use gentle tension and glide your marking.

Step 8.  Cut through all 4 thicknesses of fabric on the curved line.  When you open your fabric after cutting, you should have a nice, big circle.  Simply finish the edge of the circle with whatever method of hem you decided on, and you are finished!

It really is super easy and very satisfying to make a beautiful round tablecloth in your favorite fabric.  Start with a large sheet and give it a try.  If you do go for piecing the fabric, I would recommend you stay with a plain fabric until you get the hang of piecing fabric and are ready to move on to matching up designs.

Who is going to give this a try?

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