Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fast, Fun, & Fabulous - Wire Cloche

Have you seen these Frenchy wire cloches that are so cute for decorating, especially for spring?  Wow, I thought I might like to have one until I looked at the price.  Ouch!!! would you like to make one 
for a little over a buck?

I took my favorite crafting medium from the Dollar Tree, a little wire waste basket, and cut the bottom completely off of it.  Then I shaped and molded until it had a nice cloche shape.  Finally, I glued a bathroom knob hook to the top.  I picked this set up at a garage sale for next to nothing.

Isn't it adorable? 
 For a $52.50 savings - I'll take mine any day.
(There is not a hook hanging down inside - that is the S from the weather vane behind it)

I found that by using a table top and pressing my hand against the inside of the basket - it helped with the molding.  I shaped a second cloche by forming it around a glass cloche I already had.  I liked the glass cloche method the best, but perhaps not everyone has one to use as a form.

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  1. Wow! How brilliant of you! It looks fabulous! ~Zuni

  2. Wonderful idea ... I have been buying those wire mesh baskets at Thrift stores, some bent and now I know how to shape the top for a cloche. Thanks for the idea. Yours look fantastic.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures.

  3. Glad you like, Audrey! I can't always find them, so it's a good idea to snatch them up when you can. They look even cuter with the dents.

  4. Great idea! I have been wanting a glass cloche but the wire one is fabulous too!

    1. And the price is certainly right! Thanks.

  5. Hi, love your project and wonted to follow you in Google, but ..Why it's restricted and for how long, do you know?
    Hugs, Marinela

    1. I do not know, Martinel. Google changed things a while back. You can also follow me on Facebook as I link all of my posts there.

  6. Ellie...I was inspired by your idea and made a cloche/light out of my old beat-up wire trash can and gave you a link-back. I published a post today on Knick of Time and Coastal Charm. I tried to email to ask permission, but did not see your address. Hope that was okay. Come take a look if you wish.
    Audrey Z. @Timeless Treasures


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