Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring Sparrows for Framing

 I love, love, love birds.  This time of year I am so happy to see them darting around on my front porch as they are searching out a place to make a new home. 

Here is a really pretty graphic I 
uploaded from the Graphics Fairy.

I want to color them to match the dark red toille in 
my kitchen, so I took the color out of the graphic. 

I'm also wanting to frame the birds to hang on each 
side of my sink.  This many birds would not look right, 
so I cropped in.  I also did some editing to hide 
part of the third bird still in the picture. 

Finally I tinted the birds, and made a mirror image.

Feel free to upload and use, if you like.  If you want 
birds of a different color - use a tint feature from a free 
editor on the black and white picture and have birds 
of whatever color fits your fancy.  

When I frame them, I'll share a pic.

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