Friday, March 21, 2014

Pillows Made From Recycled Sweaters

I know this is nothing new, I just thought I would show you mine.


Oh, I love not throwing perfectly good things away.

This taupe sweater (below) was not tall enough, so I used 
pieces of the sleeve to stitch across the top. 

Lavender Tub Tips:  Make the pillows to fit tight since they have a lot of stretch.  This doesn't mean to stretch them out, but you might make a test pillow first to give you an idea how loose or tight it will fit before you cut several at once.

Also, when stitching the bottom opening closed, do a fairly loose hand stitch.  I stitched my first nice and tight like I normally would, but popped the stitches when I tugged on them to shape the pillow.

If you have a serger definitely use it.  
The pillows pieced together like a dream using my serger.

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