Friday, March 14, 2014

PicMonkey - How to Combine Graphics for a Custom Design - Ballerina Picture

Today I'd like to show you how to take some free graphics that are available to you on the web, and combine them to make something unique and special.  I'm using 2 graphics that I downloaded from the Graphics Fairy to make a pretty picture to hang in a little girl's room.


When I open PicMonkey (see below), I am going to select Edit, and then choose the decorative frame graphic pictured above that is now saved to my computer.

Next, I'm going to click on the butterfly icon on the left, which allows me to add stickers to my picture

and I'm going to select Your Own at the very top.  While many of PicMonkey's features are free, this is one you will need to pay for, but it is awfully fun for the price.  I think it is only $5 to have all the upgrades for an entire month.

At this point I can now select any other picture I have saved on my computer to add to the picture I am editing.  I will now choose the ballerina.  (I did a little cropping and editing on this picture, and saved it back to my computer beforehand.)

Notice it is not blending very well, so I will now look to the pop-up editing box which automatically appears when you add a sticker (see it on the far right in the above pic).  Just click down through the Blend options to Darken, and that should blend your pictures together perfectly.

I finished this picture by adding an initial to the top.  All that is left is to save this back to my computer, giving it a new name.  It is ready to insert into Word or some other software to size and print it.

This is a great tool for making personalized invitations, cards, jewelry, gifts.....really the options are limitless!  Think you'll give this a try?  Let me know how it goes.

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