Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Dad's Rabbit Tale

Have you seen this picture before?

Actually you haven't, because if you look closely 
you will notice a rabbit hidden in the rays of light.

When I was a young child my dad left his job in South Dakota, along with his means of providing for our family, to follow God's call into ministry.  He had avoided this call for 20 years, but God kept calling and patiently waiting.  About the time I finished kindergarten, my father finally answered God's call and moved our family 900 miles to Oklahoma so he could attend college.

Upon becoming a college student at a private religious school where there were no such things as night or on-line courses, my father had no choice but to work low paying, part-time jobs.  To say that we were poor would be a major understatement.

One evening when my mom had fixed corn meal mush for the 6th night in a row (like cream of wheat, only made from corn meal), my dad couldn't take it anymore.  He decided we needed a little meat to eat to keep us from feeling quite so hungry.  Having grown up on a farm in eastern Tennessee, he knew how to hunt squirrels and rabbits and decided to go see what he could find.  The only problem was - it was not hunting season.  He knew if he used his gun, the sheriff's deputy that lived 1/4 mile away would hear it and he'd be in big trouble.  Instead, he let out our two beagles to see what they might be able to trail.

Although he wasn't really sure how he would capture an animal, he set out after the baying beagles.  Within only a few minutes, the dogs stopped their baying and stood guard over a large rock waiting for their master to arrive.  How surprised my father was to find two, large, wild rabbits just sitting there, waiting for him to scoop them up in his hands.

For my father, this was a turning point moment in his life.  He no longer would doubt that God would provide for his family as he left behind material security to follow where God would take him.  This was one of many stories about God's provision he loved to tell to anyone who would listen.

After sharing this story with the people in his first church, a very lovely woman decided to paint this painting for my father.  It has always been important and extremely special to me, because as the oldest child - I remember the rabbits, I remember the wonderful lady named Annette, and I remember how much this painting meant to my dad.  How lucky I am to have it now hanging in my home.

I am also truly grateful Miss Annette chose to bless our family with her talents.  It very much inspires me to want to do the same for others.

Thanks for stopping by the Tub, and thanks for 
listening to my Dad's favorite rabbit tale!



  1. What a beautiful story!!! :)

  2. I've never heard you tell this story before! I love it! The God Who Provides :) :)


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