Monday, March 3, 2014

Recycled Floor Mirror to Chalk Board Sign

Last year for Christmas I bought my Baby Girl a black floor mirror at a local furniture store.  Since they had a special price on them of $19.95, I couldn't resist the good deal and picked up a 2nd for my mud room.  Well.....this was totally a "you get what you paid for" kind of deal.  The mirror has now fallen out of the back of both of ours, and we've had to glue up the spindles here and there.


I couldn't stand to just throw mine away, though.  Hoarder that I am, I knew I could at least use the big oval frame for something.  It quickly came to me when I booked a Pumpkin Patch Festival and needed a sidewalk sign.  Here is how it turned out:

I painted the frame with ASCP in Duck Egg Blue, 
and the backing of the mirror with chalk board paint.

I also attached a decorative iron piece to the top,
highlighting with white....

And distressed the finish.

The sign worked like a charm, although the wind 
blew it over once adding to the distress on the finish.

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