Saturday, March 8, 2014

Fast, Fun, & Fabulous - St. Patty's Day Plates

I've been pondering ways to use the vintage postcards I've been posting.  To see all of them, look under the Label on the right side of my blog called Postcards.

One idea I had was to make some holiday plates to decorate with.  St. Patty's day has some decor out there, but I'm always interested in something that looks a little more vintage-y and a little less cute-sy.  This postcard is not one of mine, but uploaded from the Graphics Fairy.

If you follow my tutorial here, you can see how to crop any picture into a circle.  The problem with a postcard, however, is the rectangular shape doesn't really lend itself to a nicely cropped circle.  (Below, I cropped into a square first and then rounded the corners.)

With a little extra editing, though, a postcard can become this!  If anyone wants details on how to do this - I can write a tutorial.  Otherwise, I've provided some already edited and cropped options for you, below.

And here are how my plates turned out!

I don't know that I'm fully satisfied with the set, but I have some other ideas in mind that I will probably try later.

Just right click and save to your computer, insert them into a Word document and adjust the size to what you need.  For my plates, I used 6.75".

After Thought:  I wanted to just stick the paper on the plates in a way I could remove easily so that I could change them out.  I tried some repositionable glue for scrapbooking, but you could see it on the picture.  I think a regular glue stick would work well, but mine was purple that dries clear......only it stayed purple on the paper.  I also tried candle stick, but it showed too much.  I finally touched a little Elmer's just on the edges, but am not totally pleased with that either because it is also visible.  I'm going to try the clear glue stick first,  and then clear furniture wax to see what results I get.  I know I could Mod Podge, but I really do not want them that permanent.  I'll update this when I do.  

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